Punctum means a sharp edge. A Penetration or piercing through one`s guard. Philosopher Roland Barthes introduced the concept of punctum in his essay Camera Lucida as a detail that sticks out from the image and contributes a wound of strong emotional charge. It generates a personal attachment between the image and the punctured one.

My first memory is sitting under a table. In front of me on the floor boards there is a stain shaped like a skull from a pirate flag. Now, I have another table in my living room that I inherited from my grandmother. It has a drawing of a skull and crossed bones underneath it. The drawing is very different from the stain-skull of my memory. This one is made by me with a blue crayon. I have no doubt it was drawn out from the memories of a stain, or then again, the memory of a stain could have developed from the prohibited action of drawing on the furniture. Anyhow… my first memory, and from the drawing I can still recognize my craft.

By getting under the table and watching the skull it gets easier for me to remember other details from my past as well. The house where I now live is the ninth one in a row. I can memorize them all, the rooms and their particular smells and even some small weird details. I have grown as a person in all of them houses. In a way, all the works in this series concern with spaces. Rooms can be pictured in a number of different ways. By drawings, maps or photos or by words or by painting. Whatever the approach might be, I am in a way, always forced to picture myself inside that particular space. In that imaginative spatial state I`m also in a weird way closely connected with the memory machine that relentlessly wounds me with the time passing by.